The Last of Us: Left Behind – Creative Kills

After finish playing the Last of Us Remastered I was long overdue to play the Left Behind DLC that I missed playing when it was available on the PS3. Thankfully though I was able to avoid spoilers because what an experience it was. Even though it was a shorter story it was just as impactful as the original game if not more. The story both gave some great back story and filled in a plot from the main game perfectly. The part I was most impressed about in Left Behind though was the increased ways that were implemented to advance through the game without directly killing both the infected or the bandits. For example I discovered a way of backtracking after the electrocuted water section and baiting the infected into going into the water. I’m curious if anyone has been able to take out the whole group this way.

Pup – Sleep in the Heat (Video)

I don’t keep up with music videos nearly as much as I should but when I come across one that has affected me as much as this one I had to share it. Staring Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things fame adopting a dog and then showing it’s slow decline in health. It’s a emotional tale as these events mirror the lyrics about the lead singers late chameleon. RIP Norman.

Hip Hatchet – Hellhound in the House

Ever since the election and more recently the inauguration many bands have released music and donated music to various causes. Though no artist has been more relatable and an inspiration to me then Hip Hatchet and his latest set of politically charged songs. From the first lines he is not happy about how things have turned out but isn’t going to just sit back

I never knew how tight my fists could ball up
I never knew how hard i could cry

On the closing song he realizes that he has been playing shows to the people that he may be disagreeing but as he performs to them he discovers they aren’t much different from him and just as unhappy about things.

Tired of being broke
both in spirit and wealth

Sandwiched between both of these tracks is the true standout “Burden of an Empath” which turns out to be the most positive on the EP. Expressing the importance of rising up as the result will be only the only thing left in the end.

It’s the songs that we song
the poems we read
It’s the fight we put up
and the love we tried to spread

Listen to the tracks below, it’s the most important music released yet this year.

[Newly Discovered Classic]: Dilute – Alphabet


For sometime I’ve been describing my favorite genre of music as mathy-emo-post rock. Mostly as a joke because I didn’t think anything like that actually existed, that is until I discovered this gem. Dilute was a Californian band that released two albums in the early 00’s before disbanding. Led by Marty Anderson’s distinct vocals and lyrics Dilute really made some interesting tunes. Highlighted by this one that starts with some technical math rock guitars that builds to the crescendo of when Marty’s vocals come in: Having a heart gets in my way / So I rip it out every day. Sending it to another level and killing me in the process. Check it out below. Thanks.

[Vinyl Update]: The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die – Death to New Years/Long Live Happy Birthday


This week I got my copy of Long Live Happy Birthday in “opaque pink” a companion piece to last years excellent Death to New Years (that I got in “opaque yellow”). Both 7″ feature 2 songs each of songs that didn’t make the bands last years full length Harmlessness. But don’t write these off as throwaway tracks because they showcase why this band is the most important and interesting band right now. Check out the highlight track “Katamari Duquette” below that shows the band at their heaviest and loudest. Thanks.

A New Start

Here we are 5 and half years later starting a music blog when no one reads blogs anymore. Trying to chase new and upcoming music wasn’t and still isn’t for me but I have some things that I love that isn’t getting talked about enough. So I bought this domain as a way to push me to write and share more. This won’t be strictly a music blog because I like too much other stuff but like so much else in my life it will be heavily influenced by music. Thanks.

LIGHTS Acoustic EP


LIGHTS acoustic EP is a perfect example of an artist listening to what the fans want. When LIGHTS debut album The Listening came out she did live chats where she performed some acoustic versions of her songs that the fans went crazy for and demanded more. The EP was completly self recorded and produced by LIGHTS herself in her home studio and proves just how musicly talanted she is. Usually when an artist does an acoustic song they don’t change or improve the song but in LIGHTS case she does both. A perfect example of this is on Saviour which is a keyboard driven pop song with Auto-Tune over her vocals on The Listening while the acoustic version is slowed down and really show cases her terrific voice. Further proving my point that LIGHTS is playing the wrong music having her beautiful voice being hidden behind the electronics. But that is what makes her so great she makes the music that she loves. The EP is five songs and features three from The Listening, one unrealeased track from early in her carrer and one cover of a Rancid song. Along with the EP she is going on a small acoustic tour.

Saviour (Acoustic)

Moonface – Dreamland EP: marimba and shit-drums


Spencer Krug is the king of the indie community usually releasing multiple projects a year. Not to be out down by his band mate of Swan Lake and friend Dan Bejar’s Bay of Pigs Spencer released the Dreamland EP. The EP is exactly what the titles implies a 20 minute marimba track with some drum machines backing. The fact that the track is 20 minutes is a little deceiving as it could easily be separated into 4 or 5 different tracks. The lyrics are all based on different dreams that Spencer has had. On the website you can read the dreams in their entirety as well as download the song by paying whatever you want for it. My dream is to listen to this track while somehow snorkeling at the same time.

Moonface – Dreamland EP: marimba and shit-drums