Hip Hatchet – Hellhound in the House

Ever since the election and more recently the inauguration many bands have released music and donated music to various causes. Though no artist has been more relatable and an inspiration to me then Hip Hatchet and his latest set of politically charged songs. From the first lines he is not happy about how things have turned out but isn’t going to just sit back

I never knew how tight my fists could ball up
I never knew how hard i could cry

On the closing song he realizes that he has been playing shows to the people that he may be disagreeing but as he performs to them he discovers they aren’t much different from him and just as unhappy about things.

Tired of being broke
both in spirit and wealth

Sandwiched between both of these tracks is the true standout “Burden of an Empath” which turns out to be the most positive on the EP. Expressing the importance of rising up as the result will be only the only thing left in the end.

It’s the songs that we song
the poems we read
It’s the fight we put up
and the love we tried to spread

Listen to the tracks below, it’s the most important music released yet this year.

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