LIGHTS Acoustic EP


LIGHTS acoustic EP is a perfect example of an artist listening to what the fans want. When LIGHTS debut album The Listening came out she did live chats where she performed some acoustic versions of her songs that the fans went crazy for and demanded more. The EP was completly self recorded and produced by LIGHTS herself in her home studio and proves just how musicly talanted she is. Usually when an artist does an acoustic song they don’t change or improve the song but in LIGHTS case she does both. A perfect example of this is on Saviour which is a keyboard driven pop song with Auto-Tune over her vocals on The Listening while the acoustic version is slowed down and really show cases her terrific voice. Further proving my point that LIGHTS is playing the wrong music having her beautiful voice being hidden behind the electronics. But that is what makes her so great she makes the music that she loves. The EP is five songs and features three from The Listening, one unrealeased track from early in her carrer and one cover of a Rancid song. Along with the EP she is going on a small acoustic tour.

Saviour (Acoustic)

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