Milo Duhn – Incongruity


I discovered Milo Duhn while following absib on their recent cross country tour. Throughout the tour the band played a wide arraying set of shows and one of them in Buffalo featured Milo Duhn. Why exactly I took the time to actually listen to his record is a mystery but it has been one of the best decisions of the year. Milo writes extremely personal songs that are full of teenage angst. The type of songs that make you feel as though you are listening in on something you weren’t entirely supposed to. He has certainly gone through some difficult situations that he is expressing in the only way he knows how to.

This is highlighted by the two part story that ties the whole album together. The first part being The Reason I Hate Sidewalks telling the story of a failed relationship and the pain and anger of seeing them with someone else emphasized by the wonderful lyric “wanted you to be the you in all my love songs”. Then the second part The Reason I’m Grateful was written months later in a more mature place emotionally reflecting back after some time and being OK with everything because they are happy.

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